How Often Should You Clean Your Beauty Sponges?

How Often Should You Clean Your Beauty Sponges?

If you can't remember when last you actually cleaned your beauty sponge? It's time.
PS. Running it under water, doesn't count. Sorry.

Beauty sponges are amazing at applying foundation, blending concealer, blending contour and creating that flawless finish. However, over time, our sponges become filled with skin cells, old leftover make-up and bacteria can overgrow. If you don't regularly wash and replace your makeup sponge, you're pretty much spreading these germs on your face each and every time you apply your makeup which can cause skin irritation and breakouts.

We spend so much time working on our skincare routines, spending a lot of money on good products, yet we're applying make-up on our clean fresh faces with dirty, bacteria filled sponges and brushes. 

Your make-up sponges need more love and attention than your regular brushes. If your make-up brushes need to be washed every 10 days, your sponges need to be washed once a week. 

Use your Bailey G Solid Make Up Brush and Sponge Cleaner, by wetting your sponge and swirling it around in the tub. Lather it up, really working the soap into the sponge. For an extra clean, use a silicone pad and rub your sponge against the ridges. Rinse well and leave your sponge on a clean towel to air dry.

Using the Bailey G cleaner works quickly, efficiently and ensures a flawless application of your make-up thanks to a clean sponge.

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