How Often Should Make Up Brushes Be Cleaned?

How Often Should Make Up Brushes Be Cleaned?

Be honest. How often do you clean your make-up brushes? If you can't remember, it's time to give them a good clean.

I'll be honest with you. Before starting "Bailey G", I was horrendous and would probably only clean my brushes and sponges every 2 months (if they were lucky.)

I just found it to be such a hack and because I was the only one using my brushes and sponges, I didn't put a lot of care into it.

However, my skin started breaking out, despite my beautiful skincare routine. At first I put it down to hormones, having a few late nights, eating one too many chocolates... and it never occurred to me that it was actually my gross and dirty sponges and brushes that were smearing bacteria around.

Your makeup tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Stop touching your face with them.

Looking for reasons why you should keep your makeup tools clean? Here are several.

  • Your makeup applies more smoothly.
  • Cleaning them can help keep breakouts at bay.
  • It can help prevent infections.
  • Your makeup brushes will last longer.
  • You won't risk ruining a new eyeshadow pallet with a dirty brush.

Makeup can only work its magic when your brushes and sponges are clean, so to get that flawless foundation finish, it's important to keep your brushes from getting too layered and caked up.

So... let's answer the question: How often should we be cleaning our personal make-up brushes?

Dermatologists recommend that you wash your makeup brushes every 7 to 10 days to protect your skin and kill any harmful bacteria. 

Dirty makeup brushes can cause challenges for the skin. The brushes collect residue, dirt and oil over time but also allow an environment for growth of bacteria. Contaminated brushes can lead to blemishes on the skin through breakouts, rashes and infection. Potential infections include fungal infection, E. coli or a staph infection, which can sometimes be very serious. No thank you!

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